3sscha 40 Packs Religious Mother’s Day Flower Pot Handprint Craft Kit for Kids - Make Your Own Floral Card DIY Self-Adhesive Sticker Handmade Art Project Decor Classroom Home Activity Gift Party Favor

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Celebratory Theme: Our DIY sticker sets are crafted specifically for the celebration of mothers worldwide. Each blank card is shaped like a flower pot, and the decorative stickers are featuring flowers, hearts and religious motifs, including heartwarming messages like "I am blessed with the best mom".

Value Pack: This fun craft kit contains 40 blank flower pot shaped cards in different colors, 40 stickers featuring assorted accessories, 42 white ropes and 1 manual card, ensuring a delightful and varied crafting experience.

Reliable Material: The flower pot shaped cutouts base is made of quality card, thick and durable, glossy and colorful, not easy to rip, and the stickers with self-adhesive backing of those accessories provides convenience for your use.

Easy to DIY: This Mother’s Day craft is easy to assemble and fun to display. Children only need to choose their favorite stickers, easily tear them off, stick them on blank cards and then hang them up anywhere they like with ribbons for cute festive ornaments.

Meaningful Activity: Doing this art project can not only let children pass the time and enjoy DIY fun, but also help them improve their hands-on ability and teamwork skill, or it can be used as an activity to celebrate Mother's Day and create unique memories for this holiday.


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3sscha religious Mother’s Day flower pot craft kit make a delightful addition to your holiday decor!


Versatile Application

These DIY sticker ornaments can serve multiple purposes, whether adorning gifts, cards, or creating individual decorations. The flexibility of the design allows users to incorporate them into various crafts and projects, amplifying the joy and festivity of Mother's Day celebrations.

Thoughtful Expression

Beyond mere decoration, these stickers enable individuals to convey heartfelt messages and sentiments to their mothers. By combining imagery of flowers symbolizing love and growth with religious elements, the stickers offer a profound way to express appreciation.